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Residential Wind Turbines

First of all, I would like to welcome you to  Pretty much anything  surrounding the topic of alternative energy solutions goes down here, but our main focus is to provide a content rich learning atmosphere for those who are interested in building their own residential turbines and solar panels.

Making the conversion to a renewable energy source by building your own wind turbines and/or solar panels is much easier than most would think; but it is imperative to know all of your options and to formulate a good game plan in order to do so with the most success.

So please take advantage of all we have to offer and feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions.

What You Should Know Before Building Residential Turbines

Is Wind Power the best solution for your needs?  In order to figure this out properly, there are a few things concerning residential wind turbines you should consider.

First of all, you must determine if the area that you live in can even support wind power generation.  The average wind speed must be at least 10 miles per hour to effectively produce a sufficient amount of energy for home use.

Next you need to find out if there are any zoning restrictions for building residential wind turbines where you live.  Unfortunately, some municipalities and neighborhood associations prohibit the use of wind turbines for various reasons such as noise pollution and the overall appearance.

Although there are some great commercial models of residential wind turbines that focus on the reduction of noise levels, it still proves to be a subject that you should be aware of.  Your average wind power system makes a sound of about 50 dB.  That is equivalent to the sound of passing road traffic or the rustling of leaves on a windy day.

Once you have found out if it is possible to convert to wind energy in your area then you must decide what kind of wind power system is best for you.  Unless you plan on building your own residential wind turbines yourself, you should know that your typical commercial wind turbines cost anywhere from $1000 to $30,000.

While wind energy is a fantastic way to reduce or sometimes eliminate entirely the cost of electricity, be sure you know precisely what it will take to accomplish what you envision.  By factoring in how much electricity you aim to produce with a wind power system you will have a good idea of how many turbines you will need.  The average homeowner will generally need two to three small wind turbines in order to power their homes completely.

From experience, I would definitely recommend anyone to strongly consider wind power as a primary energy source for whatever your needs, but always have a backup plan.  Just be prepared for the worst.

It has been known for some residential wind turbines to get damaged or completely destroyed when hit with a heavy storm.  So I suggest opting for other renewable energy solutions such as solar panels as an addition to your wind power systems.  By doing this, not only will you be prepared for just about any situation life can throw at you, but you will most likely have more than enough energy for your needs.

The most important bit of advice we can give you is to just take your time and educate yourself as much as possible before making a commitment to any kind of wind power system.  If done correctly you are bound to claim your independence from the power companies.

D.I.Y 70-Watt Solar Panel…under $200

Tools Needed…To complete your D.I.Y project, there are a few tools that you will need to make the job easier. The tools are very basic, except the multi-meter which can be purchased at your local hardware store, or online. You might have most of these items in your shed or workshop already…

                        • Hand saw
                        • Tape measure
                        • Long-nose nail punch
                        • Paint brush / roller
                        • Portable hand drill
                        • Multi-meter
                        • Soldering iron
                        • Brass shavings
                        • Soldering iron holder
                        • Wire clippers or scissors
                        • Eye protection & respirator
                        • Clamps

…Good stuff!

Pictures Of Residential Turbines Built For Under $200

I thought I would create a post specifically intended for all those who are thinking about building their own wind generators.  Here is a collection of a few home-built residential wind turbines that I felt were quite inspiring.

*Note that some of these turbines are not as elegant as others but all of them get the job done and were built for under $200 dollars.

Built by Mike Davis for $140.

This big boy was made in Australia by the guys from “The Back Shed”.Built by 22 year old, Kevin Harris, from Oklahoma – for under $150.

Building your own residential turbines is an excellent way to save some money.  There are plenty of DIY instructional guidebooks and video tutorials that clearly explain all you need to know in order to get your own wind power system up and running for under $200.

Earth4Energy is one of the most well known DIY home energy kits in the market that teaches anyone how to build their own turbines and solar panels.  Check it out for yourself by clicking here