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D.I.Y 70-Watt Solar Panel…under $200

Tools Needed…To complete your D.I.Y project, there are a few tools that you will need to make the job easier. The tools are very basic, except the multi-meter which can be purchased at your local hardware store, or online. You might have most of these items in your shed or workshop already…

                        • Hand saw
                        • Tape measure
                        • Long-nose nail punch
                        • Paint brush / roller
                        • Portable hand drill
                        • Multi-meter
                        • Soldering iron
                        • Brass shavings
                        • Soldering iron holder
                        • Wire clippers or scissors
                        • Eye protection & respirator
                        • Clamps

…Good stuff!

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  1. It will also pay to start checking the options that are available when you want to make a solar home.
    These solar panels are hen mounted in such a way as to catch direct sunlight either in parallel rows or even as installations mimicking the outlines of natural trees.
    Of course, humanity cannot go back in time and replace telephones, computers,
    kitchen machines, etc with their primitive and manual alternatives.

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